Friday, December 12, 2014

Day 4

9.12 am

Good morning!!! Had tea and Marie biscuit for breakfast. Was planning to have the warm water with lemon but forgot.

Celebrating a friends birthday this afternoon so its going to be lots of cake. However he like fruit cake and I don't. So maybe there would be very little amount of cake for me. That's a good thing no?

3.56 pm

Yo. I had like 2 small pieces of the cake. And one Cheese Pav Bhaji with 2 extra pavs.

11.45 am

Yup it's day 5. I just realised that I didn't post this yesterday. Any who, had pani puri for dinner ( didn't count but not more than 15 puri for sure ) and one Subway's Double Chocolate Cookie.

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