Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 2

9.26 am

Good morning. It's day 2 and I have my exams today. Didn't sleep properly for last couple of days and now it feels like I am forever sleep deprived.

Had 2 glasses of water already is 600ml. So yay! Took some peanuts in a small container in case I feel hungry anytime later. So far good and healthy decisions made :)

2.21 am

It's lunch time. I was craving for some chicken soup but decided against it. Met a friend and had bhel for lunch. ( he had already had lunch. So it was just me alone so decided to go for something light ) 3rd glass of water drinking now. I did finish one 500 ml water bottle during exam. I think I am more or less covered for the day.

Tomorrow morning would try to have warm water with lemon.

5.52 pm

Green tea or no green tea?

I am very confused about this entire green tea concept. It is just a new health fad or does it really work?

I mean I am just dipping a tea bag into hot water for 3-4mins. What good would that do? Isn't it more like just adding flavour to the water?

1.06 am

Had dominos pizza and tacos for dinner. I know I shouldn't have but I was upset and needed comfort food.  Also walked 3kms and burned 169calories as counted by runkeeper app

Okay good night. Have to be up by 4 to study.

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