Sunday, December 28, 2014

Day 20

9.30 am

Yes I know I slacked off a lot. Its Monday and I promise to be on track. Would be as organised as possible. As much healthy habits as possible! Promise!

3.10 pm

Had chicken lollypop, chicken Manchurian noodles and a donut for lunch. So now that I have successfully fucked up my first day of eating healthy. I'll try and get some exercise done today.
I have come shopping with a friend so the phrase "shopping is my cardio" applies here.

900ml of water drank.

9.18 pm

Didn't have dinner.

Danced for 15mins. App says that's 78 calories, it's not much. I guess it's okay for the start though. Legs anyway paining because of all the shopping today.

1800ml water drank.

Having a small packet of gems now. Need chocolate for my depression

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