Saturday, January 3, 2015

Day 26

10.33 am

Have an event in the university so was all busy these couple of days. My work also includes a lot of sitting in front of a computer so physical activities are less.

I'll try and make maximum out of it.

Had a decent breakfast today. Medu wada, 1 paratha, scrambled eggs and 1 banana. It looks a lot but it wasn't really much, had a little of everything.

5.22 pm

The event has good food, thus it is needless to say that I am eating.

For lunch I had - some chicken curry with rice and a naan. I also did have some salad and a soup before that.

I tried that trick of eating soup and salad first so as to avoid eating all the junk. It worked.

Had 900ml of water.

11.55 pm

Had sweet corn chicken soup at around 7. Didn't have dinner

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